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The Audience Intelligence Platform

What is your target audience interested in?

Who else are they talking about today?

Our proprietary Audience Intelligence platform analyzes every conversation that your target audience is having on Twitter, highlights the strongest under-the-radar keywords and affiliations, and uses these to add significant efficiencies.

It's not just about targeting keywords. It's about targeting an audience.

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follower analytics and intelligence
Analyze Try it! Analyze Anyone:
E.g.: Pepsi (), Coke (), or Ford vs Audi ()

What does {SLING} know about your target audience?

  • Top Interests

    follower top interests

    What % of your target audience is interested in each topic? Does your campaign match their interests?
  • Top Keywords by Topic

    keywords by category

    What is your target audience talking about, not just around your brand but all conversations, and what keywords would best reach them?
  • Top Stories by Topic

    follower top content by topic

    What are the most popular stories being shared by your audience within each category, and how can these be leveraged for reach?
  • Top Websites by Topic

    follower top domains by topic

    Where does your target audience hang out across the web, and how do you blend this info into your campaign?
  • Top Influencers by Topic

    follower top influencers by topic

    Who are the most engaged and most influential Followers within each topic? Segment and target them for max virality.
  • Top Brand Affiliations

    Top Brand Affiliations

    What other brands and personalities is your target audience influenced by? Use this to refine your campaign.

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