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More Than 50% of Tweets about Steve Jobs Came From Apple Devices
Oct 7, 2011

This past Wednesday, October 5, 2011, the world lost a visionary, and one of the lead innovators of our generation, Steve Jobs. There may not be another like him in our lifetimes.

Even President Obama’s letter, sent via the White House, made note of this.


To pay tribute to Steve Jobs, we decided to analyze Twitter and highlight just how widespread his inventions were.

  • Over 50% of the tweets about Steve Jobs came from Apple devices (tweet this)
  • 42% of the tweets about Steve Jobs came from iPhones, a device he invented (tweet this)
  • "No greater tribute to Steve than the fact that world learned of his passing on devices he invented" - Obama (tweet this)

The Study

We analyzed tweets from over 3 million Twitter users who had written about Jobs’ passing and looked into which devices they had used.

The results were not all that surprising. Over 50% of the tweets we analyzed (50.58% to be exact) were sent using various Apple devices. BlackBerry was the second-most popular platform, with around 23% of the tweets, followed by Android (11%).

Within the Apple family, iPhone was by far the most popular device, acting as the source for 83% of the Apple devices (42% overall). This was followed by Mac products, with 9% of the Apple share (4.6% overall) and the iPad, 8% (4% overall).

What Steve Jobs contributed to the world is well beyond measure. Many would argue (us included) that even the non-Apple devices mentioned would not exist without Steve. And these numbers don’t even consider the impact that Steve had on the world via Pixar, and what some of these devices will be able to contribute to the developed and developing worlds in the decades ahead.

Dear Steve – Thanks for everything.

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