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{SLING} works with clients on end-to-end Twitter ad campaign management, leveraging our proprietary Audience Intelligence technology and extensive expertise.

Each end-to-end campaign consists of 4 major steps: Campaign Strategy, Target Audience Insights, Campaign Execution and Optimization.

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  • 1. Campaign Strategy & Planning
    Twitter's an excellent platform to ignite and capitalize on real-time conversations. But you need to have the end goal in mind before you begin -- who exactly is your target audience, and what's the best Promoted Product to reach them? We'll work with you closely to define this in depth.
  • 2. Target Audience Insights
    Once the target audience has been defined during the Planning phase, our Audience Intelligence technology studies every conversation that they're participating in in real-time, and uncovers the most efficient ways to target them for maximum ROI.

  • 3. Campaign Execution & Reporting
    Twitter's real-time nature doesn't allow marketers to take a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. Conversations and context change every minute, and reaching your target audience needs 24/7 attention. We'll launch and watch over your campaigns to ensure that all goals are being met.

  • 4. Optimization
    The data gathered throughout each campaign provides insights into what's working well, and what components need more tweaking. These real-time results also provide immense opportunity to gauge audience reactions. We'll implement the necessary changes and feed them back into the system.

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