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Most Engaging 'Big Auto' Brand on Twitter is...
Jan 19, 2012

In the age of Top 10 lists, it’s not uncommon to find a ranking of the most popular brands on social networks. Just Google it.

But, as a community manager or marketer, what’s more valuable is understanding how winning brands got to where they are, and what impact audience targeting and content strategy might have on engagement.

For this study, we looked at the big 5 automakers on Twitter, since the auto industry continues to increase its focus on social media.


Comparing the big 5 automakers on Twitter:

  • Honda is more engaging on Twitter than Ford and rest of 'big auto.' Here's how they do it (tweet this)
  • Honda is best at targeting the right followers -- 45% interested in auto-related news (tweet this)
  • Almost 100% of Honda's tweets are auto-related. Zero variety... but it works! (tweet this)

The Study

Looking only at the number of total retweets a brand gets is misleading, since it takes into account two metrics that are easily manipulated: number of posts, and the number of followers. Instead, to compare brands more fairly, a better number to look at is the number of average retweets each brand gets on a per capita basis.

We decided to look at average number of retweets per 10,000 followers:

As you can see, Honda receives much higher engagement from their followers (on a per capita basis) than any of the other 'Big auto'.

What’s Honda Doing Different?

Using our Follower Intelligence platform, we looked at the 300,000+ followers of these brands and tried to get a sense of what each account’s audience is interested in.

Specifically, we wanted to know what % of each brand's followers are actually interested in automotive updates?

Not surprisingly, Honda's follower base was more interested in automotive than any of the other brands' followers. In other words, although some of the other automakers have more followers, Honda has done a better job of targeting the right type of audience – one that has a specific interest around the auto industry.

Second, we analyzed the content shared by each of the brands: it's not much use recruiting the right audience if you're not engaging them with the right content.

So, what topics has each brand been talking about?

From this graph, it looks like Honda has been sharing automotive-related content almost exclusively, while other brands have split their content into other topics as well. For example, Chevrolet has been sharing quite a bit of sports content, while Ford has been sharing a lot of technology-related content.

To many, Honda's strategy and success might seem contrary to popular belief, which states that a good mix of content is important.

But looking simply at the data, Honda’s social marketing team has taken a different approach: do one thing really, really well.

And it seems to be working.

About Visibli

Visibli is a Social Marketing and Analytics platform that helps you optimize your social media engagement.

Visibli's proprietary 'Follower Intelligence' platform helps marketers understand what a brand's followers are interested in, who they are, and what they're talking about. Using Visibli, community managers can also analyze their shared content to better understand what followers are engaging with most, as well as segment and target them based on their interests.

Visibli's platform provides detailed, real-time analytics for all links shared on social networks and the web, helping publishers optimize their content for maximum engagement. Visibli's innovative Engagement Bar also helps content creators extend their brand and promote their products through shared links.

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