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Which Artists Drive the Most Traffic on Facebook?
June 28, 2011

ShareThis recently released a study describing how links are shared and clicked on across various platforms. Overall, they discovered that each shared link receives, on average, 4.9 clicks. On Facebook, however, this number is lower. According to the company, each link shared on Facebook only receives 4.3 clicks.

While this may be the overall average, we decided to study how much traffic top music artists drove with each shared link. To accomplish this, we used our proprietary data from top artists to draw a correlation between the number of Likes that Facebook posts receive, and how many clicks their shared links generate.


In this study, we analyzed the top 10 artists on Facebook during the month of May 2011 to gauge how powerful they are in terms of driving web traffic.

Here are some interesting findings:

  • SEO? Try BieberEO: Bieber + Gaga drive 55 million (!) pageviews / month from links they share on Facebook. (tweet this)
  • For top artists, each ‘Like’ by a FB Fan = 11.3 clicks per shared link. Avg Joe gets 4.3 clicks per link. (tweet this)
  • Top 10 Artists on Facebook drive 80 million pageviews / month from links they share on their Pages. (tweet this)

Clicks on Links Shared By Artists

Managing shared links for artists provides us with good insight into how their shared links have been performing on Facebook. We analyzed this data and drew a correlation between the number of fans who clicked on artists’ links and the number of Likes those same posts received.

On average, posts by musicians received 11.3 clicks per Like. When then used this information to extrapolate the number of clicks that posts by other top artists received as well.

Web Traffic Generated By Artists' Facebook Pages

What each click represents, of course, is a pageview that the artist was able to drive on the web. So, how many pageviews across the web can be attributed to what artists are sharing on Facebook?

To study this, we looked at all the posts that each of the top artists shared during the month of May, and used the above data to determine the number of clicks they received.

In our previous study, we had noted that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were the top two artists in terms of fan engagement. Not surprisingly, they both performed extremely well in this study.

As the graph above shows, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga drove a combined 55 million pageviews across the internet during the month of May 2011. The top 10 artists, as determined by number of Page Likes, drove almost 80 million pageviews overall that month.

We had always known that these artists were extremely influential on the web; this data now quantifies just how influential they are, driving a significant amount of web traffic regularly.

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